STAR Inc began in 1986 under the name Action for the Intellectually Disabled People –Tenancy Support Scheme.

Founded by a group of parents who were concerned for their children who had an intellectual disability, their concerns arose from the implementation of the de-institutionalization policy being proposed by the government of the day.

This very dedicated and active group of parents lobbied the IDSC (now known as Disability South Australia) for funds to establish a service that would assist their children to develop the skills required to successfully take their place in their communities.

In 1988 the name changed to Tenancy Support Scheme (for People with an Intellectual Disability Incorporated), and in 1990 it was simplified to Tenancy Support Inc.

While this name was not such a mouthful, it did not effectively describe the work of the organisation. Consequently we presented three alternative names to our clients who were asked to vote on their preference. Unanimously they elected to change the name to Skill Teaching And Resources Inc. (STAR), and this name was adopted on the 1st of July 2000.